Governor Doug Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman today,  (March 30, 2020) announced the extension of Arizona school closures through the end of the school year. The extension follows updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and an announcement from the White House extending physical distancing guidelines until April 30, 2020. 

Click HERE to read or listen to the announcement.

School closure is NOT a complete shutdown of school operations and instructional obligations to students.  During school closures, staff are still expected to engage in work-related activities, and students and families are expected to meet the instructional requirements of their teachers and schools.

Please be aware that the school was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during the spring break. We will continue to routinely clean and disinfect areas of frequent use once our students return to school. 

Additionally, the senior trip has also been postponed indefinitely, the science club will not be meeting, and sports practices will not be held.

San Simon Unified School District #18 Mission:

It is our mission to provide our students with the ability to gain knowledge, integrity, faith, and compassion so they may become valuable citizens in society.

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