Fernando Guzman: Custodial
Ronald Klump: Transportation Director/Maintenance Supervisor
Manuela Calderon: Custodial
Brenda Fiero: Maintenance
Irene Bak: Maintenance
Bridget Dozier: Kitchen Manager
Julia Gamboa: Kitchen Cook
Kaleigh Best: Paraprofessional
Dawn Quinn: Title I Paraprofessional
Gail Smith: IT Director

Office Staff

Lynn Espinosa: Attendance Clerk/Support Services
Donna Lewis: District Sercretary
Rose Rothpletz: Business Manager
Kari Wade: Interim Superintendent


WEB | Misty Brown Teacher
WEB | Beth Dunn: Elementary Teacher
WEB | Carrie Jones Elementary Teacher
WEB | Debra Sue Peterson Elementary Teacher
WEB | Keith Rogers Elementary Teacher
WEB | Kristin Skiles Elementary Teacher
WEB | Jason Jones: High School Math & AD
WEB | Lena Keil: 7th Grade & Testing Coordinator
WEB | Heather Lentz: Science/Guidance Counselor
WEB | Casey Lewis: High School Social Studies & JNHS/NHS
WEB | Lesti Webster: High School ELA & Stuco. Advisor
WEB | Michael Zamudio: High School CTE Ag Ed & FFA Advisor

Governing Board

Larry Parker: Board President
Angela Humphreys: Board Member
Jason Sloan: Board Clerk
Dusty Pierce: Board Member
Robert Reynolds: Board Member

Regular meetings of the Governing Board are scheduled for each month.

Other meetings may be scheduled and/or regularly scheduled dates may be changed as necessary.

Copies of each meeting’s agendas will be duly posted at San Simon High School and San Simon Post Office by 5:00 P.M. and the Portal Post Office by 5:00 PM 24 hours prior to each meeting.

Additional information on any agenda item and copies of information given to Board Members may be obtained by contacting the District Superintendent at the school office 24 hours prior to the posted meeting.

Please refer all questions to the District Superintendent at (520) 845-2275, during the regular operating hours of 7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

School Documents